Strategic & independent IT advice

Strategic & independent advice

IT Services to help you grow

Outcomes, results, growth

IT Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation

Technology Planning

Based on your current environment and business objectives we build a roadmap to get you where you need to be.

  • Technology integration
  • Align your technology with your business objectives
  • Leveraging your existing environment

It’s strategic and independent advice to help you achieve your business goals, focused on growth and tailored to your business. One size does not fit all.

technology planning services
cloud technology and cloud migration

Migration Services

At RedFig we offer a range of migration services to help you migrate, whether that’s moving location or to the cloud.

  • Infrastructure migration
  • Data migration
  • Platform migration
  • Applications migration

We look after performance, risk, management and deliver the technical expertise of the migration. Faster, better and more reliable moves using best practice and compliant methodologies.

Virtual CIO

Our Virtual CIO is your technology partner delivering strategic advice to optimise your technology and technology investment. Independent advice to develop your strategy and manage your ICT risk effectively. Providing you the expertise without the cost burden or a full time resource.

Hire a temporary off-site or on-site CIO to stabilise your current environment, help you understand your system processes and recommend solutions to implement. To create streamlined and productive systems to meet your business goals.

  • Independent and professional advice
  • Managing risk related to ICT

Your trusted partner, helping you align and optimise your technology, operational model and supporting your business goals.

strategic & independent technology advice

Project Delivery

We are your project management office ready to design, develop and deploy your IT projects, on time and on budget.

IT projects can be complex and time consuming but our team of experienced IT project managers and IT professionals will deliver your networking, cloud computing, security or any other project quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Risk Management

Securing your environment and data, minimizing risk and maintaining compliance with notifiable data breach legislation and GDPR.

  • Identify
  • Analyse
  • Action
  • Monitor
  • Control
IT risk management assessment

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