tailoer products and services to suit your needs

The right combination

Tailored products and services to suit your needs

future proof your business with managed IT services

Future proof and flexible

Designed and built to suit your needs and to grow with you

low risk and seamless information technology

Low risk and seamless

Expert engineers build efficient and seamless networks

Hybrid WAN

A network to connect all your sites, users, offices on the same platform and interface. Reduces latency and communication between computers and users in your business. Everything runs consistently and reliably and is streamlined.

  • Better performance
  • More flexibility
  • Reduced costs

Use the best of each carrier to create a secure, high performance network and fully managed by a managed network specialist.

We remove the Telco lock-in with our Hybrid WAN and SD WAN capability. Benefit from having access to any link from any carrier for every location.  Our Hybrid WAN solutions can save you more than 50% when compared to a traditional MPLS.

Managed Networks
Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Management of your network as well as your wider area networks. Services include managing your security, intrusion detection, bandwidth analysis, routing and switching, VoIP appliances and much more.

Our  technical  teams  are  ready  to  investigate and  resolve  all  server  issues.  You benefit  from RedFig‘s NOC  critical  notification  and  remediation  teams,  as  well  as  the  remote  troubleshooting  team  for  your  service  requests.

'Always-on' NOC

As part of our support service our operations include a 24x7x365 NOC and Help Desk Support to respond to monitoring events.

Network Monitoring

We monitor your network for suspicious activity, prevent system outages and shut down. Allowing for proactive and preemptive plans for any future incidence including migration of data in a catastrophic event.

With  RedFig Technology  Group‘s remote monitoring and management (RMM)  tool,  we  deliver  powerful,  flexible  remote  support  to  any  device  over  any  network.  It’s  beyond  basic  remote  control, providing  an  array  of  tools  to  help  diagnose  and  resolve  issues  quickly and effectively.

Network Monitoring

Security and Managed Firewall

With an increase in hackers and attacks on businesses on a daily basis, security and managed firewalls are important. Managed security and firewalls give you peace of mind, with timely updates to keep your network and information safe.

  • Security software - Anti-malware and anti-virus software that mitigates risk on an attack on your network keeping your information, data and systems safe, onsite and in the cloud.
  • Managed firewall - Restrict access from unknown sources/users/entities to your local network.

Our Managed IT services approach ensures security compliance is managed and maintained to mitigate risk or breach and potential large financial penalties and of course prevent the need for large capital outlay to re-comply with these standards.

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