Six technologies to consider when moving office

When you start planning your office fit out or relocation, it’s important to examine your technology needs as part of your overall office plan. Active workspaces like instant meeting hubs, desks and meeting rooms need the right technology components to make them come to life.

An audit of your current technology and requirements will ensure your technology works for you and enables a better business experience. Increase productivity, create a positive and collaborative culture for more effective results. You need technology that compliments and enhances your current environment to empower your staff to deliver successful outcomes.

Here are six technologies to consider when relocating or undergoing an office fit out:

1.     Technologies to bring your meeting spaces alive

Create a great user experience for your staff and clients by transforming your meeting rooms into sophisticated boardrooms. Implement software and technologies that enable your staff to connect with people from across the country and globe at a click of a button, reducing travel times and costs. Future proof your business with technologies that integrate with your systems and can be used in collaborative workspaces.

2.     Interactive displays

Displays in your office and workspaces can streamline security sign-ins, communicate messages and set the tone of your office.

• Use smart signage and displays to transform the entrance to your building and office.

• Implement simple electronic visitor sign in for security and administration compliance.

• Easy to use solutions to book meeting rooms on the go and access interactive displays in meetings to increase their effectiveness.

3.     Reliable and robust network

Connect all your sites, users and offices with a robust network for better performance, flexibility and quality of service. Inside your office, you need a reliable wireless network with bandwidth capable of managing all traffic to keep your staff working productively. The importance of planning a robust network shouldn’t be overlooked.

4.     Devices and support

The provision of and support for the latest devices allowing you to work from anywhere and have the same user experience as being back in the office. From user access, to ready to go software and peripherals to get your staff working effectively and efficiently. This will save your business time and money.

5.     Intelligent telephony solutions

Talking make things happen faster, so check out the application-based telephony solutions for your new office or fit out. No more handsets wired to a desk (although you can still have one). Simply use your PC, tablet or smartphone.

You can have world class features without any need to install appliances or complex cabling to your premises.  These can include key business features like ring groups, call workflow and auto-attendant services for your business.

And don’t forget contact centre software to manage the customer experience by tracking, directing and responding to customer queries and engagements efficiently.

6.     Cloud solutions to suit you

Whether you are thinking of moving to the cloud, or already there, there are solutions to suit your business. Designing and implementing the right cloud solution for your business will support greater productivity, less downtime and a more reliable and easier to use platform. A stronger foundation for business growth.

Why plan my technology when moving?

Moving office can be stressful and costly but it can become more costly if you don’t plan your technologies from the beginning. Planning and setting up the right technologies, security (yes this is a big one too) and software is critical, as adding and moving technologies later can be more costly and confusing.

Set up your new office space with the right technology to deliver success from the get-go.

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