Making the switch from ISDN

In 2022 Telstra will be switching off the ISDN network and has already ceased taking orders for new ISDN services. Some businesses have already made the switch but some are unsure what this means and what they need to do.

We have put this article together to help you cut through the technical jargon and help you find a solution that suits your business and your requirements.

What does it mean?

ISDN (or integrated services digital network) is a digital networking technology that carries voice and data services over the copper network, to landline business phone systems. This legacy equipment is expensive to run, maintain and upgrade.

Business still utilising ISDN for their business telephony need to seek a new IP-based or cloud telephony solution.

Benefits of cloud telephony

The benefits of cloud telephony over ISDN:

  • are cost savings through lower call charges and maintenance and management costs
  • scalability and flexibility with shorter provisioning times
  • are enhanced features including mobility and collaboration.

Cloud telephony future proofs your business and it gives you more than just telephony services.

Added features of cloud telephony

Cloud telephony delivers much more than just phone services, it opens up alternative communication methods with its online chat and meetings and other collaboration features. There is no need for on-site resources due to its cloud based management.

You also get added bonuses such as software integration with CRMs, ticketing systems and call centre software make business processes seamless.

Things to consider

When you are ready to move from ISDN here are some important points to consider:

  • Does your area have internet services capable of delivering VoIP?
  • Does your phone system already support VoIP?
  • When does your current contract end?
  • What does your business require from its telephony system?

Are you ready to make the switch?

Telstra has already ceased offering new ISDN services and with 2022 not too far away, it’s a great time to consider what’s on the market to meet your business requirements.

Explore your options and make the switch sooner rather than later to position your business for success. Future proof your business today!!

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