Bridging the gap between education and business

We’ve all had to start from somewhere and our earliest work experiences help shape some of the career and business choices we make throughout our lives. Being connected to educational institutions and giving a helping hand to bright and ambitious young people is something dear to us and is quite an exciting initiative to be a part of.

No doubt, being able to see the excitement and energy of our interns and how they can add value to our business is incredibly valuable to our organsiation and to them. We get to see first-hand some of the students who come through the system and have first access to offer them more ongoing roles within our organisation.

RedFig has been involved with a number of intern programs with Victorian educational institutions having taken on our first internship program in 2013 – we haven’t looked back ever since. We’ve seen how valuable these programs are and have continued to support them and bridge the gap between education and business.

The internship programs have allowed students to use their knowledge and explore innovative technologies within our RedFig business. There is a huge demand for ICT skills and it’s important for students to build their skills and be employed in environments that are engaging and supportive of their capabilities.

We have found that internships allow students to:

    • gain valuable work readiness skills
    • increase their confidence by allowing them to work on real world projects
    • bring a new perspective to the work and organisation
    • learn about communication in the workplace and work culture
    • put what they have learnt into practice to solve real business problems
    • learn from the business and build their network.

Most recently, RedFig supported interns through SummerTech LIVE, an initiative of the Victorian State Government. The program matches the digital technology needs of Victorian businesses with students to solve technology problems. It is a paid 10-12-week studentship.

At RedFig, we intend to continue supporting  interns and help bridge the gap between education and business. It is an amazing opportunity for students, education providers and businesses

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